Tell-Tale Heart Attack Symptoms for Women

Ever felt out-of-breath, nauseous, stomping pain in your chest simultaneously while all the lights around you blur and die out slowly leaving you with not even the energy to remain conscious? If you have, you have probably faced a heart attack or as the medical communities adoringly call it a myocardial infarction. All heart attacks do not feel much the same in fact. There are silent hear attacks that come and pass without any telling symptoms. Women have especially highly elevated risks of fatality from a heart attack than men, due to their varying physiology and health system.

What Are the Most Pressing Symptoms for Heart-Attack Risk in Women?

Chest pain: Pain in the chest is inevitable in case of a potential heart attack. This pain is not of a normal category pain as it vehemently feels like the heart is going to get crushed from either the inside or the outside and there is not anything that can be done about it. Intense pressure and succumbing to acute chest pain is a sign.

Short of breath: If you are always short of breath without really doing any heavy lifting or calorie- burning activity, you should be concerned about your heart. The human heart is a sophisticated organ and may fall terribly apart if not treated critically. Shortness of breath and other fatigue related signs are telling of bad heart health.

Internal and external fatigue: Anxiety, feeling of depression, dizziness, feeling of light-headedness and fainting accompanied with general fatigue throughout the mind and body without having done much work and putting much effort is concerning sign just days leading to a heart event. Keep regular check of your vitals, blood pressure, and heart rate to stay clear of danger

Sweating: Sweating all the time irrespective of room temperature and weather conditions and moreover without having done any work is a concerning red-flag .Cold sweats and flustering without any visible cause should not be ignored and steps should be taken immediately

Upper body pain – You cannot really put a finger on it but an immense aching of bones and muscles throughout your upper body especially in areas like upper back, arms, spine, head and upper-abdomen would be a constant issue in case of a heart attack. Avoid ignoring these signs and not paying them proper attention and medical care.

Stomach ailments:

Indigestion, diarrhoea, puking and sickness in the stomach weeks, even days before a major heart event should not be ignored. Look for such signs and seek the appropriate medical help to prevent crisis.

Post menopause:

The risk of an incident of a heart attack in women increase exponentially after reaching menopause since preventive hormones such as oestrogen is absent in the body. Some signs should be revered as alerts and red flags in such case

Pain or aching stomach, jaws, backbone or body

Irregular heart beat or excessive speedy pulse

Sweating and cold sweats without having done any strenuous work

Immense immeasurable chest pain and feeling of squeezing and pressurized from within

External factors such as age, medical history of family, lifestyle choices, fitness all play a role in occasion of a heart attack and should be kept in check as much as possible. If your impending college paper is giving you heart ache, you can ask our assignment help to offer my paper writing solutions.

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